dear 📔 diary,ᵗᵒ ʷʰᵒᵐ ⁱᵗ ᵐᵃʸ ᶜᵒⁿᶜᵉʳⁿ:….

That’s a discipline and a way of living, where we are always connected to Spirit and living in that state.

It is accepting your Power and then accepting the responsibility that goes with that Power.

Excerpts by Dr. Steven Greer, MD/Hidden Truth-Forbidden Knowledge

dear 📔 diary, to whom it may concern: everyone suffers from some type of anxiety or depression….everyONE!!

Going through Anxiety or Depression or any other Psychological Condition doesn’t make you unloveable-it makes you HUMAN.

Seth J Gillihan


most importantly we are ONE!!

we MUST be compassionate, patient and kind to every HUMAN we come in contact with. regardless of race, gender, economic status, demographic, sexual preference, social status. whatever bias society has created that we then fall victim to and use to divide us. we MUST be accepting of ALL HUMANS.

this is not a suggestion, this should be our main focus on the DAILY!! (but don’t take my advice, i just want to better your life… so once again. I COME IN ☮️ PEACE✌️)

all humans brought to this Earth are fighting an internal battle we sometimes couldn’t even fathom. some in public. most in private. but it is a battle that we choose to overcome, nonetheless, hopefully in this lifetime.

since we are in an era of such darkness along with all these advancements in technology it creates Mental Disorders, that are more prevalent than ever before.

i always say the BRAIN is a powerful muscle. if it isn’t conditioned properly and given the “nutrients” and “workout” that it needs to grow with us and for us. and instead is filled with negativity from social media, beliefs that are put on us by society and just garbage that are but on us by labels and false narratives. it becomes our worst enemy.

pharmaceuticals may work but that should only be used for a short term. it is only putting a band aid on what the root cause is. if you do not get to the root cause of your programmed negative thinking. ask yourself…when was the first time i felt this way?? and really dig deep and do the work required. you will never fully HEAL. you will be stuck in a cycle of up and downs your entire life. but then we are made to believe that you need more pharmaceuticals or you have to up your dose. your body is becoming immune. (yeah, immune to the BS)

society as a whole has failed many of us. and we need to take our power back. we need to heal ourselves which then in a whole heals others and it’s a chain of healing that’s literally generational. it’s breaking curses that go back thousands of years. (don’t believe me, read a BOOK… i dare YOU!)

if all humans were just a tad more aware of how they treated every human they came in contact with. (ummm, i’m pretty positive that we would have an active hand in healing the WORLD!! NO CAP!!)

the fact that humans base their mental health off of how they should be loved should show us just how much more LOVE we should give to EVERY HUMAN PERIOD!! (but, NOOOO we do the opposite, cause that makes all the sense)

i embrace everyone around me with a smile and love in my heart because that is what The Creator would do and expects the same of me since i am his child. (i will say, there are some weirdos out there, and those get a mean mug and the I AM NOT THE ONE FACE!!)

of course, living in todays world not everyone is here to be loved. some want to hunt us and hurt us. so always use judgment. the eyes are a great place to start. and always use your God given intuition. it will never lead you astray.

i just want every HUMAN to know that if you are going through any anxiety or depression. you are not AlONE. you deserve all that’s good in the WORLD. I LOVE YOU AND GOD LOVES YOU. you are not LOST. LOVE will find YOU. and that’s starts with LOVING YOURSELF FIRST.


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